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Written by Tonya Bolden  |  Illustrated by Gilbert Ford

12 Days of New York

A group of students wins a trip to New York City, accompanied by their teacher. Soon enough, they’re roaming the city, discovering what makes it one of the greatest cities on Earth …

Finding Family (book jacket)

Finding Family

Delana has never known her parents. She’s been raised by Grandpa, who doesn’t say much, and Aunt Tilley, who says plenty—just not the things Delana wants to hear. Aunt Tilley’s family stories are wild and not to be trusted, while her Book of Bewares—including boys, fairs, even peeling a potato—keeps Delana from doing much of anything …

Through Loona’s Door: A Tammy and Owen Adventure with Carter G. Woodson

Owen and Tammy Bradley are a mischievous brother and sister who one day race playfully away from home in search of fun and adventure. And they find it—only not where they expected. In a bookstore? It’s the shop of the mysterious Loona, who bedazzles them with tidbits about peoples lives—famous African Americans from a long-ago time . . .

Mama, I Want To Sing

Doris Winter’s life centers around Mt. Calvary Church, where her father is the preacher and her mother sings in the choir. When the Minister of Music asks Doris to join the adult choir—even though she is only eleven—she and her family are happy and proud.

Just Family

Beryl Nelson was ten that 1960s summer, and what could be better than July when the carnival came to her Harlem street? She would have to go with her older sister, Randy, but mostly she and Randy got along. They were planning a surprise dinner party for their parents’ wedding anniversary. Everything was fine in Beryl’s life until . . .