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George Washington Carver (book jacket)

George Washington Carver

. . . Known famously as the “Peanut Man,” George Washington Carver brought sensible and life-saving concepts to people across the country, making a difference in the world despite the adversity he faced in his time and place.

M.L.K. Journey of A King (book cover)

M.L.K.: Journey Of A King

Most people know King as a Nobel Peace Prize winner, a renowned orator, and a central and revered figure in the civil rights movement. But how did he become this figure? What were his inspirations? What were his aspirations? What events, people, and decisions shaped his destiny? Bolden introduces young readers to the human being behind the icon.

Maritcha: A Nineteenth-Century American Girl

Based on an unpublished memoir by Ms. [Remond] Lyons . . . dated 1928 ~ the evocative text and photographs of young Maritcha, her family, and their friends, as well as archival maps, photographs, and illustrations, make this book an invaluable cultural and historical resource. Maritcha brings to life the story of a very ordinary – yet remarkable – girl of nineteenth-century America . . .

Cause: Reconstruction America, 1863 – 1877

After the destruction of the Civil War, the United States faced the immense challenge of rebuilding a ravaged South and incorporating millions of freed slaves into the life of the nation. On April 11, 1865, President Lincoln introduced his plan for reconstruction, warning that the coming years would be “fraught with great difficulty.” Three days later he was assassinated. . . .

The Champ: The Story of Muhammad Ali

A true icon, Ali has influenced and inspired millions with his dazzling athletic ability, his undeniable charisma, and his incredible life story . . . Tonya Bolden’s powerful words, reminiscent of Ali’s own well-known vocal stylings, are paired with R. Gregory Christie’s breathtaking paintings . . .

Portraits of African American Heroes

A stunningly beautiful book consisting of portraits – in words and pictures – of twenty outstanding African-Americans. These profiles in fortitude and vision capture the essence of these remarkable men and women who changed their communities and their country . . .

Tell All the Children Our Story: Memories and Mementos of Being Young and Black in America

This scrapbook, this witness of the black experience in miniature, speaks to all readers. From the first recorded birth of a black child in Jamestown, through the Revolution, the Civil War, Reconstruction, and the fight for civil rights, right on up to our own time, Tell All the Children Our Story explores what it has meant to be young and black in America . . .